OHNS Round Bar

OHNS Round Bar is an oil-hardened and non-shrinkage steel alloy grade. This term refers to steel grades that exhibit little change in volume in an annealed condition after being hardened and tempered at relatively low temperatures. The OHNS Steel Material is required for master tools, gauges as well as dies. It is used in applications that stress the importance that the size of the component is not changed once it has been hardened after being machined in an annealed condition. OHNS Bright Bar exhibits good durability while offering excellent wear resistance properties and holds a good cutting edge.

Chemical Composition

C 0.85-1.00
Si 0.15-0.35
Mn 1.00-1.20
P 0.030max
S 0.030max
Cr 0.50-0.70
W 0.50-0.70

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